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In 1996 by establishing company of AGROLAND SA-CHRIS BROS in Sofades, Karditsa, Company of Dremoni was also establish as a part of agroland company. The intention of this company was producing seed of field and vegetable crops. At the beginning company of Dremoni started to produce seeds of cereals and legumes, in case of cereal it focused mainly on producing wheat, barley and oat.  Legumes that also produced contain: lentil, pea, chickpea and bean. Beside this some other crop seed like alfa alfa and vetch also started to produce.

By passing a time, the area of seed production by this company increased, and company forced to buy its land. At present, company of Dremoni, by having 300 hectare its farm and also making contact with other farmers in neighbouring cities in area of 700 hectare, become one of the biggest Greeck company in case of cereal and legume production.

At 2012 company open a new branch in case of seed production and start producing vegetable seeds, at the beginning was focus on tomato and pepper and then extended to eggplant, watermelon, cucumber and melon.For achieving the success in all field and based of our intention for doing innovative works, the company has a close connection with other research institute and universities. 




The company of Dremoni, was subpart of AGROLAND SA company, that founded in 1996. This company specifically work in the field of crop seed production.







The company located on Karditsa – Athens road, has a total area of ​​4000 sq.m. and consists of 6 storage areas, the offices and reception areas.




The company has a branch and office at Karaiskaki of Greece.