Tremendo F1

90 days. Determinate and plant height of 95 cm.  The plant produces high yields. Perfect for fresh consumption and also canning. Open field variety has a good leaf canopy for sunburn protection and can be used for green ripening. The plant will set fruit even in hot conditions. The plant has resistance to V, N, and TSWV.



75 days. 150-180 cm height. Semi-determinate. Open Pollinated. This early maturing plant produces good yield. They can be use as a fresh consumption. Crack-resistant and also drought tolerant variety. Plant requires support, like stake. Also it can be plant in greenhouse and open field.



90 days. Indeterminate. 140-160 cm height. Open Pollinated. The plant produces good yields. It can be use as fresh consumption. Suitable for open field cultivation.



90 days. Indeterminate, 80-100 cm height. Open Pollinated. The plant produces high yields. Can grow in different climate conditions. Has a good tolerant to heat condition. Crack-resistant