Open pollinated. 50 cm height. 80 days. Plant produces good yields of 10 cm long red sweet peppers. Peppers are very sweet, have thick walls, and turn from green to red when mature. Good for consumption as a fresh or added to sauce. 



Open pollinated. 60 cm height. 70 days. Plant produces very good  yields of 12-15 cm  long red sweet bell peppers. Peppers turn from dark green to bright red when mature. Peppers have thick walls, are sweet, and juicy. Because the high yield it need stick. 


Plato 77

Open pollinated. 80 days. Bell shape fruit with long of 8-10 cm. Fruit color change from green to red during maturity. Plant heigh is about 50 cm. Moderate to high heat.

Platoni 33

Open pollinated. 75 days. Red hot pepper. Fruits are 10 cm long.



Frontis  (F1)

Hybrid  pepper. Fruits are sweet and red which are 15 to 18 cm long when fully grown. This type is particularly suited for growing in  greenhouse. Plants produce good yield.



Open pollinated variety. Plant height of 55 cm. An attractive medium-hot pepper. Plant produce heavy long thin peppers up to 18 cm in length.


Long flory 

Open pollinated. 80 cm plant height. Sweet pepper, which matures in 80-90 days from transplanting. Fruits are 15-20 cm long. Good yield.


Makri 35 (F1) 

Makri 35 is a hybrid of hot peppers. The hybrid has an average early age. It can be plant both in open field and greenhouse. The fruits are long, thin with the length of 15 cm. This hybrid give long cycles of production, give high yield .It  can be used as a fresh consumption and also for processing.